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Summer  Lion
11.30am The Grove Centre
2.00pm Cofunds Car Park
3.30pm Newland Street Road Closure

Roar into Summer - Join us in an evocative celebration of English Summer time, with characters conjured from the realm of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream and the rich folklore of our enchanted island. Walk with Maxim the mythical Summer Lion as he banishes darkness from our shores, Celebrate with the Maiden of Flowers and her Fawn Servant and roar against the dying of the light.

The Holidaying Penguins
12.30pm The Newlands Centre
2.00pm The Newlands Centre
3.00pm Newland Street Road Closure

Resplendent in their brightly coloured beachwear, these holidaying penguins will be shuffling, pecking and squawking around Witham with their cameras and surfboard.

10.30am High Street
12.00pm The Newland Centre
3.00pm The Newlands Centre

Meet adventurer Cpt Jon Voyage and his multicoloured birds who investigate their surroundings with inquisitive beaks and ecstatic squawks.  These larger than life exotic birds would love to make friends and pose for a brilliant photo.

The Little Lighthouse
11.30am Witham Library
1.30pm Witham Library

3.30pm Witham Library

Come and meet the eccentric Lighthouse Keeper, hear his tales and explore his mini lighthouse complete with animated films.

Allin Kempthorne - Captain Crossbones’ Potty Pirate Stories
10.30am Witham Library
12.30pm Witham Library

2.30pm Witham Library

Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail with Cpt Crossbones as he entertains in the library with tales of the seven seas, strange sea monsters and buried treasure. Highly interactive storytelling in which children can act out roles, prepare the ship, find buried treasure and wield a balloon model sword.

The Bubble Wizard
10.30am Newland Street Road Closure
12.00pm The Newlands Centre
1.30pm The Grove Centre
2.00pm Newland Street Road Closure

Back by popular demand!  The bubble wizard will be entertaining in the town with his incredible feats of bubble magic such as creating clouds of tiny bubbles; enclosing children in giant bubbles and making smoke filled bubbles or bubble sculptures.

Two Seahorses
12.00pm The Grove Centre
1.30pm The Grove Centre
3.00pm The Grove Centre

Watch out for Neptune and beautiful mermaid friend as they glide around Witham on their magnificent seahorses ready to meet friendly landlubbers.

BroFitness Sea Cadets duo
11.30am The Newlands Centre
12.30pm The Grove Centre
2.00pm The Newlands Centre

These two (almost) sailors are lost on land having slipped their moorings. Unable to weigh anchor they will be plying their banter, physical tomfoolery and routines to unsuspecting bystanders...

Meet the Funnels
11.00am The Newlands Centre
1.00pm The Newlands Centre
3.00pm The Newlands Cenre

'Captain Carbuncle', 'The Very Sweet Fanny Adams' and 'Colonel Cognac' have set sail aboard the Three Funnels and are seeking new adventures.
The playful Funnels are characters in their own right and stand out in a crowd whether they are standing still, dancing, tooting their horns or playing follow the leader they are guaranteed to draw attention and surprise people. When the time is right Carbuncle, Adams and Cognac pop up from inside to interact with the crowds, this comical Victorian trio then invite audiences to join in with their games, fun and frivolity. The funnels provide a modern twist on the glamour of a bygone era and promise to bring a jovial nautical flavour to any event, whether it be land locked or coastal.

The Pirates
10.30am The Grove Centre
1.00pm Newland Sreet Road Closure
3.30pm The Grove Centre

Meet the Bosun Barnacle Pirates. Two scurvy pirates who sail through the audience with threats of plundering and looting as they go. They are hale and hearty and always ready to give the landlubbers a taste of the salt water!

Deep Sea Jiving
11.30am High Street
1.30pm High Street

Featuring ukulele strumming Captain Horatio Crumbucket tackling some tricky Hawaiian melodies while a giant deep-sea diver dances the hula hula.

Granny Turismo
11.00am The Grove Centre
12.30pm Newland Street Road Closure
2.30pm Cofunds Car Park

Listen for the screech of burning rubber. No pavement is safe. Meet the first and only shopping trolley dance display team.

When Doris, Mary or Marge arrive on their souped-up shopping trolleys with their pumping tunes, everyone takes notice. Fantastic and unique, the Grannies are loud and a force to be reckoned with. You have been warned!

Fairly Fresh Fish Company
10.30am The Newlands Centre
1.00pm The Grove Centre
3.30pm The Newlands Centre

Two fishmongers with a seafood tray to sell their wares. See the prawns dancing and the octopus come to life whilst witnessing stirrings in the jellied eel jar and a worrying seafood smoothie… Eye catching and superbly silly.

The Puddleducks
11.30am The Newlands Centre
1.00pm High Street
2.30pm The Newlands Centre

Attention bird lovers, the Puddle Ducks are here! These inquisitive friendly fowl are keen to investigate every situation with their waddling charm. They love parks, ponds and high streets of course, and will curiously peck at your bags and coats whilst always being ready to quack their way out of a tricky situation.  Adorably child friendly, Mr and Mrs Puddle Duck are positively quackers and cannot wait to meet you!

The Seagulls
11.30am Newland Street Road Closure
1.30pm The Newlands Centre
3.30pm The Newlands Centre

These cheeky sea birds have had audiences in a flap all over the world. Giant cheeky gulls with working beaks, they’ll rummage in bags and pockets, steal food from plates and picnic baskets, squabble amongst themselves and generally cause a fuss.

Titan the Robot
11.00am Newland Street Road Closure
1.00pm Cofunds Car Park
3.00pm Cofunds Car Park

The Titan the Robot show is a unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music creating a fascinating show that is unrivalled in the world today! Funny, fast paced and full of surprises, Titan is the ultimate family entertainment comedy show where you come to expect the unexpected!

Beach Patrol
10.30am The Newlands Centre
12.00pm The Grove Centre
2.30pm The Grove Centre

Always ready to rescue any passer by. Be dazzled by their daring drills. You'll need CPR after these moustachioed musclemen have bared their biceps while diverting danger. Swim outside the flags at your own peril.

Cabin Fever
11.00am High Street
12.00pm Newland Street Road Closure
2.30pm Newland Street Road Closure

Join Captain Bullock and Bosun Bell for maritime mayhem, magic and mirth. Marvel at our maritime mateys with their nautical extravaganza of eccentric experiments, sensational circus skills, and hilarious feats of derring-do.

The Fish Trike
11.00am The Grove Centre
1.30pm Newland Street Road Closure
3.00pm The Grove Centre

Davy Jones, our deep sea fish on a trike, has come straight from his locker to flounder through the fields and streets: literally and metaphorically a fish out of water. He speaks of the mysteries of the sea in bubbles, squirts water at the unwary and plays deep sea radio through his gills.

Giant Spider
10.30am The Grove Centre
12.30pm The Grove Centre
3.30pm The Grove Centre

Arachnobot the giant spider puppet is a world first - an impressive walkabout act which roams the streets, festivals and spectacular events looking for prey, or anyone brave enough to say hello!. This unique puppet combines a giant inflatable skin with a complex cable skeleton which controls eight independently articulated legs.

Punch & Judy – The Pirate Show
11.00am The Newlands Centre
12.30pm The Newlands Centre
2.30pm The Newlands Centre

Captain Smartie is off on his travels to find Lollipop Island where a stash of chocolate gold coins is rumoured to be buried! But will he ever find the treasure as he encounters many perilous characters on his journey and will the treasure be as easy to find as he thinks....Find out at the Puppet Festival!

Squashbox Theatre – The Sea Show
11.30am The Grove Centre
1.00pm The Grove Centre
2.30pm The Grove Centre

The Sea Show is a quirks and hilarious mix of puppet show, natural history and comedy caberet.

Meet crazy characters like Morwenna the ‘beautiful’ mermaid, Ruan the refromed seagull and salty seadog Captain Pemburthy, as well as a cast of mischievous sea-squirts, anemones, limpets, crabs and pilchards. Come and celebrate the sea with tall tales, silly slapstick, fantastic facts, live music and songs- unmissable fun for children and adults of all ages.

‘Stick With Us’ Craft Workshops
The Grove Centre – Throughout the day

A selection of fabulous free craft workshops will be held throughout the day by the Log Cabin, join in the fun and create some beautiful Pirate and Mermaid theme crafts with your children.

Walkabout Pirate
High Street 10.30am, 12.00pm, 3.00pm
Newlands centre 1.30pm

Watch out for our Cunning Pirate as he tracks you down along the High Street in search of your treasure…. Will he have a cheeky Parrot on his shoulder?

The Big Sing Choir
Newlands Centre 1.00pm

The Big Sing Choir will be performing some well-known songs which will get your feet tapping and your hands clapping. Come and join in with this uplifting performance.

Funky Voices Choir
The Grove Centre 1.45pm

Come and enjoy an energetic performance from this local Community Choir as they perform some feel-good tunes to sing along to.

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